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Welcome to MDE Consulting Ltd

Established in 2001, MDE Consulting Ltd., is a Strategic Management Consulting firm that focuses on helping our clients identify, define and implement innovative solutions that deliver real-world results.

As a practical strategist MDE Consulting Ltd., is known for its functional experience, industry foresight, and a “hands-on” approach to working with our clients. With over two decades of experience, MDE Consulting Ltd., is a sought-after Project Management and Oversight provider.

From your boardroom to the front line, MDE Consulting Ltd., works efficiently with each level of your organization to resolve issues, manage projects, provide leadership and achieve the highest level of performance.
To accomplish this MDE Consulting Ltd., utilizes an extensive range of services, including Business Analysis (CBAP), Project Management (PMP) and Quality Management Auditing (QMS) that allow us to bring a clear and innovative perspective to our clients’ needs and issues.


A selection of some organisations I worked for and with: